Server IP:
digital-legacy.sytes.net - whitelist application found in the forum.

This fantasy survival server has been running since the 1.2.x days and has never been reset except for a few chunks, it is still running the same map now as it did back then.

Fantasy does not mean medieval style alone so if you can imagine it you can probably build it, does not include modern or scifi however.

If you like having your builds online for a long time instead of getting removed every other month then this might be the server for you.

Just cause the map is old does not mean it's huge, there's tons of unexplored regions.

The server is connected to IRC a chat network so even if the server looks empty there might be people on IRC that you can talk with and maybe even some that can come help you out on the server.

1. No griefing!
2. Don't break players stuff.
3. No stealing!
4. Don't mine in other players mines.
5. Don't build in other players areas, unless permitted by that player.
6. Don't be a jerk.
7. Be polite.
8. Do NOT ask for creative mode nor ranks or special permissions.
9. Please have your builds follow a fantasy theme.
10. No PvP unless both sides agree.