Young Elvi was walking home one evening full of joy as he had become an apprentice of Levrus the magician, he was holding a small gift to his father wrapped in his hand.
When he was near his home he heard his mother scream, he immediately ran to the door to find his father murdered in cold blood and his mother by his side crying floods of tears.
She looked up at Elvi and said that she only went into the kitchen to make dinner and when she came back out she found him laying face down in a pool of blood.
Then she said she feared that the killer was still in the house, she looked around but saw nothing... she then heard something from a corner nearby, she looked but couldn`t see anything there then all of a sudden a dark clothed stranger appeared from the shadows.
The stranger first looked at Elvi and grinned broadly then at his mother, he unsheathed a dagger and made a hasty move at her.
She didn`t have a chance to react, the stranger stuck the dagger in her like it was just air he was pushing into.
Elvi reacted and tried to claw this stranger in the face but the he was just too strong, "Oh no you don't", the figure said, pushing Elvi away with his left hand and continued to stab Elvi's mother.
She screamed every time he stabbed her and finally he cut her throat making her fall to the floor lifeless.
Elvi tried again to harm the killer but failed and this time he got hit on the head making him fall dazed to the floor.
The killer just laughed when he looked at Elvi's pitiful attempt to rescue his parents.
The killer walked up to Elvi and spoke in a low voice "you are mine now".
Elvi looked up at him, scared, and thought "I'm... his?", still dazed from the pain he puts his head down, the killer then puts a glyph-like thing in front of the young menki and hits him once more on the head sending him to the land of dreams.
Before the killer went away he spoke loudly "When you awake all good in you will be no more and you will have no memory of this day but you will remember this: you will make a guild called
The Outlaws and ruin the lives of others" he then grinned and ran into the dark night.

When Elvi awoke he felt odd but he had the urge to do some serious damage to the world around him, and yet the house he was in felt somehow familiar to him.
Then he saw the bloody corpses near him and started to laugh "I must have done that and fainted right after... hehe, hope no one saw me," he grinned and started to walk out the door.
He suddenly stopped and looked at the glyph on the floor in front of him "What is this?" he continued "Must be something of mine", he picked it up and casually walked out the door like nothing had happened.

Years later after training himself at the arts of wizardry and also in weaponry he started plaguing Yliakum with his presence, after he became known as a evil doer he started to hear the words "Create the Outlaws" in his mind so he though "Why not? It could only get worse for Yliakum".
As he was already known in Yliakum`s shadier areas he could easily spread the rumor of a new and evil guild on the rise... some asked "Why a new guild?" and the answer was "because this place needs more chaos!" Elvi said with a big and evil grin.
As the rumor went on it's way more and more thieves, madmen and evil doers of all sorts came and visited Elvi at his hideout but for a great many days none had been worthy of joining his guild.
Night came and Elvi got some rest but his dreams were not as calm as they used to be, in the dreams he saw something or someone trying to talk to him, it said "You will know when the right people come to you", he woke up all sweaty. "Interesting" he thought.

A few days went by and no worthy people showed up.
One day an enkidukai entered the hideout "Hello, I hear your seeking people for a new guild."
Elvi nodded "And what is your name?"
The other answered "I' am Drah Eroc."
Elvi looked up and saw a dark aura surrounding him, Elvi immediately replied "You`re in!"
Drah was so baffled he said "That was easy..., how come you took me instead of all the others before me?"
Elvi grinned "Your aura tells me what I need to know."
Drah uttered "My aura?"
Elvi nodded "Yes I had a dream saying that I would know when the right people would come to me."
Drah nodded and seemed to accept the answer.
The days went by, Elvi and Drah had become good friends and laughter could be heard in the hideout when a female enkidukai entered. The laughing stopped and Elvi said "Well, well, what do we have here?" he pushed Drah and started to laugh.
The female said "I'm Ereale and I wish to join your so-called guild of evil", Elvi stopped his laughter and took a closer look at Ereale and he noticed right away that she too had the aura but instead of inviting her he started to ask her things.
Elvi asked why she wanted to join and what would make her fit in, her answer was "Let's just say I can take on anything you throw at me and if you take a closer look... not that I don't doubt you already have... you will see a few scars on my body".
Elvi chuckled "Yes, you`re right I have checked you out and you`re in from what I hear and see."
Ereale sat down beside the men.
At first she was quiet but as time passed the three talked and laughed all night long.
As the next day dawned Elvi announced to the others that they needed one more to make the guild work as intended, the other two agreed and the hunt was on for the last member.

Time went by and no more people applied for a while then when the three were just out walking looking for trouble a ragged thief came up to them with drawn daggers "Give me all your belongings", he demanded... and the three friends started to laugh.
The thief grumbled and wondered what they were laughing at.
"At you, silly! You`re trying to mug us for real?"
He answered with a nod.
Elvi stopped his laughter and took a closer look at this thief and then noticed he also had a dark aura "Perfect" the menki mage thought to himself.
Elvi then asked this person if he had heard that there was a new, shadier guild on the rise. The thief said “No,” and Elvi looked disappointed.
He then told the thief about the things that had happened in the past: his gathering of worthy rogues, and after the story he asked the thief if he would join them.
The thief looked shocked but before he could utter a word Elvi asked him for his name, "My name?" he asked, to which Elvi nodded.
The thief eventually replied "I'm Narure".
Elvi nodded "Hello Narure. I'm Elvi and this is Drah and Ereale", he continued with "I would like you to join us and help to make Yliakum a worse place".
Narure asked "What would be the benefits of this?"
Elvi told Narure that there would be newer and better clothes than his current rags and better weapons and he added "and the best bit is that you`re free to do what you want."
Elvi then repeated "Do we have a deal?"
Narure thought for a moment then tipped up the only piece of somewhat respectable clothing he had: his beautiful pirate hat, and blurted out, rather too quickly "deal!"
Elvi grinned broadly.
The menki leader then told them that they should go to the tavern for a drink and celebrate the official founding of the Outlaws, the others agreed so they made their way to the tavern.
At the tavern Elvi lifted up a mug of the best ale he could lay his hands on and shouted "Never let the world be in peace, never let it sleep for now the Outlaws guild is awakened!" He drank the whole mug in one gulp, as did the others.

From that time onward the
Outlaws Guild had been officially made and to tell the truth the world was never really safe after that day.




Ithilien by KarenBlundell