Welcome to the guild site of The Outlaws.
It's good to be bad!


10'th May'16
Izzy is back and with that a litle darkness has returned to the world of PlaneShift.

03'th September '10
Added a online list thanks to derula.
The top part contains outlaws that don't mind being known to be outlaws OOC.

26'th August '10
A video section has been added. (Updated 27'th August, beter quality)

13'th August '10
Elvi waves his magical staff while trying to make the site have new things...
Work you darn thing WORK! *the staff hits a stone and sparks fly, the next second demons of the death realm appear.* "Oh dear" Elvi thinks.
One demon speaks "your wish is our command" Elvi looks puzzled, the next minute a new member area shows up on the menu.
Elvi jumps around like a child and screams "YEY! i did it... don't know how but I DID IT!."

31'th July '10
The Outlaws are in a recruiting phase so come and find us... if you can.

06'th Mars '10
The Guild has finally added it's history.

20'th January '10
A photo gallery has been added to the site.

26'th June '09
It seems that mibbit has stopped working with freenode and we where using their script for the webchat however I've managed to find a replacement that seems to work so... try it out if you haven't been able to use the old script.

06'th June '09
Moved the links from down at left to their own page, can be found in the menu.

07'th April '09
Rules and structure has gotten an update.

22'th December '08
The member area link has been removed and can now only be accessed if you know where to look and is only accessible to outlaw members.

9'th October '08
Long time no update, well here's one.
Added a web chat in the menu so you guys can come and chat with us without even installing a program or adding anything to your browser... i think, time will tell i suppose.

30'th Mars '08
Guild has gone thru or started anyways to go thru some rank changes, so to reflect on what's happening the site has gotten a new page namely Structure also some pages less as this page has the same info and more.
Also the members area has been more worked into the design.

17'th January '08
We have been working on a new member area for some time now and as of now it's up, however it need's more work to be fully operational and we also need to implement it better into our site.
Remember this part of the site is for members only.


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