1. Regarding Role-Play:

a) Try to stay In Character and play your role at all times. No smilies or leet-speak. If you must speak Out-Of-Character, use [brackets], or better: send a Tell.

b) Don't speak about guild matters in public. What happens in the guild stays in the guild. Feel free to spread false information and gossip though.

c) Support those who have broken the law so long as the potential benefits outweight the threats to the Guild.

d) Be loyal to each other and to the Elders of the guild.

e) You are responsible for your crimes, accept challenges or flee, also RP the consequences of your deeds. Guild support is only given for crimes supported by an elder.

f) If you commit crimes, do it thoughtfully. Try to operate secretly and plan well in order not to get caught.

g) Cities are usually well guarded. If you are to commit a crime inside their walls make sure to stay hidden from the guards and that your victims don't have the chance to call for them.

f) Have fun, cause mischief [in-character] and remember... "It's good to be bad!"

2. Regarding Out-of-Character activities:

1) Guild chat is OOC, but keep a civil tongue in your head.

2) Try to ensure that your activities don't aggravate other players. Our characters are thieves and murderers, but that doesn't mean we want other players to hate us. Their characters can hate ours, that's fine.


Ithilien by KarenBlundell