eneral aim of the guild


Increase our guild's power!
Power is acquired by military and economic dominion as well as superior knowledge.

Guild Structure

The guild structure is based on four Ranks. The lowest rank is the Rogue Rank. After Rogues have proven that they fit into the guild, they will be promoted to the Division Rank. Divisions are lead by the Division Leading Rank. The whole guild is supervised by the Elder Rank.

The Divisions which are supervised by their corresponding leaders are defined by specific tasks:

Economy Division:

 led by the Economy Leaders, are in charge of maintaining and increasing the guild's and members' wealth doing tasks such as organizing auctions, investigating the market to find the quickest path to enrichment, spotting the wealthy merchants or high-class citizens, etc.

Intelligence Division:

led by the Intelligence Commissioners, are dedicated to seek for any kind of information that may be of use to the guild or any of their members. They shall stay secretive and befriend as many influencing people as possible in order to keep their cover and find out more about their shady dealings.

Mercenary Division:

led by the Mercenary Commanders, take care of the contracts given to the guild, should they involve robbery, murder, kidnapping or simply protection. They ought to be experienced in combat, if possible both dueling and RP fighting.

Division Leaders have to supervise the Divisions and should operate on their own, so that the lower ranks will not have to be lead directly by the Elders. The Division Leaders Rank of the branches is the highest rank which can be gained by any member and a high responsibility is required to do this job.

General Division Tasks







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